Sardines with Tomato Sauce 3.5 oz

Sardines with Tomato Sauce 3.5 oz


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The Sardines with Tomato Sauce from Pollastrini contain only good blue fish from the Mediterranean with a dressing made of tomato, extra virgin olive oil, natural flavors, spices and salt.

Pollastrini's sardines with tomato are very versatile – they are excellent as an appetizer but also to accompany pasta, especially when fresh. Try them also with homemade olive bread and dried tomatoes.

The Sardine Pollastrini di Anzio was founded in 1889 by Salvatore Pollastrini. Given the availability of fish on the local market and the large quantity of fish not disposed of in daily consumption, Salvatore Pollastrini created the first company in Italy specialized in Sardine canning. Initially the company devoted itself to the production of canned sardines with olive oil and tomato. In the fifties, the Sepe family, after over sixty years of experience and passion in the fishing industry, took over the Pollastrini company, adding spicy sardines and tomatoes from a traditional family recipe. Canned production of other seafood, such as salted anchovies, marinated sardines, salted sardines and clams, soon followed.

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