Pickled Beets 16 oz

Pickled Beets 16 oz

Crisp & Co.

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The Pickled Beets from Crisp & Co. are pickled with little sugar, orange peel, fresh ginger, bay leaf, black pepper, and Pinot Noir, to best compliment the flavor of the beets.

This product is vegan, gluten-free, hand-packed, made with locally sourced herbs, has no artificial flavorings, and won 2nd at the 17th Annual International Pickle Festival.

Perfect when eaten alone or in a delicious salad.

Founded in 2012, Crisp & Co. is a family-run business specializing in pickles and brines. Sourcing ingredients locally from the farm-rich region of Eastern Pennsylvania, Crisp & Co. excels in the production of artisanal, award-winning, and delightfully crisp pickles.

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