Chili Peppers Paté 6.3 oz

Chili Peppers Paté 6.3 oz


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The Chili Peppers Paté from Alicos is a spicy sauce made with chili peppers and enriched with high-quality extra virgin olive oil for a smooth consistency and apple cider vinegar for a touch of acidity.

This Chili Pepper Paté is the perfect sauce to spread on toasted bread, but can also be paired with sweet cheeses and meat!

Alicos is a small and artisanal company from Trapani, in Sicily. Alicos produces and selects the best Sicilian products with a particular focus on typical ancient recipes handed down across the generations. The vegetables are processed within a few hours of being picked. The only type of olive oil used throughout the entire production process is Monocultivar Cerasuola Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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