Anchovy Paste 2.12 oz

Anchovy Paste 2.12 oz

Agostino Recca

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The Anchovy Paste is a flavorful paste made by grinding anchovies that were carefully deboned and filleted by hand and then preserved in the finest Sicilian olive oil. This "secret ingredient" is ideal for enhancing any sauce or dressing thanks to its umami taste.

Perfect when used as a spread on a warm piece of bread with butter, this Anchovy Paste is a versatile ingredient for a variety of pasta and antipasti preparations.

Agostino Recca has been crafting traditional cured fish products in Sicily for nearly a century. A typical ingredient in Mediterranean cooking, Agostino Recca anchovy fillets are remarkably tender and meaty - perfect for adding a salty and savory flavor to your favorite salad, pasta or pizza recipes.

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