Himalaya Salt with Grinder 2.8 oz

Himalaya Salt with Grinder 2.8 oz

Il Mercante Di Spezie

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The Himalayan Rose Pink Salt from Il Mercante di Spezie comes from the salt mines of the Himalayas that were formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Its beautiful rose pink color comes from the high content level of minerals such as magnesium and iron.

Its delicate flavor combines well with lighter main courses of white meat, fish and vegetables, or for decorating crudité platters.

Founded in 1999 by a team of professionals specializing in the catering industry, Il Mercante di Spezie combines their passion and knowledge for spices with the creative use of unusual ingredients. Creating original products such as sugar, salt, coffee, herbal tea, and cookies, Il Mercante di Spezie commits to high standards of quality to satisfy a desire for high-quality ingredients in every step of the food-making process. Experience the spices of Il Mercante di Spezie and savor the fresh and even unusual combinations that can be used in any food preparation.

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