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Pergamena di Pane Rosemary Crispbread 1.76 oz

Pergamena di Pane Rosemary Crispbread 1.76 oz


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The Pergamena di Pane is a thin, crisp cracker that hails from Sardegna. They take their name from the Italian word pergamena or parchment paper, which recalls the paper-like aspect of these crackers; they are also known as pane guttiatu, or "sheet music bread," made with water, semolina, sea salt, yeast, and olive oil.
With a golden aroma that recalls freshly baked bread and perfectly crisp, flakey layers, these flavorful crackers are an ideal accompaniment to Eataly cheese and salumi and extra virgin olive oil.

The Panificio Cherchi, founded in Alghero 1995 by Rosalia Cherchi, specializes in the production of traditional Carasau bread. Twenty years of experience and professionalism allow the Cherchi family to guarantee a high-quality product while keeping the flavors and traditions of Sardegna intact.

Sku 1130838
Producer Cherchi
Produced in Italy