Pane Guttiatu Crispbread 8.8 oz

Pane Guttiatu Crispbread 8.8 oz


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Pane Guttiatu Crispbread, also known as "sheet music bread," originates from Sardinia. The difference between this bread and the pane carasau (another variety of thin Sardinian crackers) is the addition of olive oil and sea salt.

Perfectly thin with crisp, flaky layers, these flavorful crackers are an ideal accompaniment to an Eataly spread of cheese and salumi.

For three generations, Tipico has been producing traditional Sardinian recipes in the town of Fonni. Committed to sharing the goodness of Sardinian specialties such as Savoiardoni and Pane Carasau, for the Marisini family passion and authenticity are the key success.

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