Rubatà Breadsticks 7.1 oz

Rubatà Breadsticks 7.1 oz

Mario Fongo

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The Rubatà Breadksticks are a delicious crunchy snack hailing from Piemontese tradition. Rubatà means "fallen" in Piemontese dialect, explaining the irregular and knotty shape of these breadsticks that are made with only a few, high-quality ingredients, like water, flour, salt, lard, yeast, and 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A versatile snack, Rubatà is great served with cheese and salumi or with your favorite dips or spreads.

Expert baker Mario Fongohas been carrying out Piemontese cooking traditions for over 50 years. His dedication to incorporating new and consolidated baking techniques, and the use of exclusively natural, high-quality ingredients have made his breadsticks famous all over the world.

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