Harissa Crackers 4 oz

Harissa Crackers 4 oz

Hayden Flour Mills

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In collaboration with Brooklyn-based spice company New York Shuk, the Harissa Crackers by Hayden Flour Mills combine White Sonora, the oldest wheat variety in North America, with Harissa, a traditional pepper paste from Maghreb made with sun-dried chili peppers, rose petals, and a special spice blend.

Perfect for a mid-day snack, try them with a slice of aged cheese on an antipasto board.

The legend goes that in 1868, Charles Hayden was making his way up North when he was waylaid by dangerously high waters on the Salt River. While waiting for the waters to subside, he stood on top of Tempe Butte and looked out on the fertile land surrounding him, envisioning an ideal spot to establish Hayden Flour Mills.
More than 100 years later, Hayden Flour Mills is re-creating Mr. Hayden’s vision. By growing the same heritage grains on the same land, they are bringing back a time when flour was non-hybridized, minimally processed and flavorful.

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