Mixed Berry Tea 25 Bags

Mixed Berry Tea 25 Bags

La Via Del Tè

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La Via del Te was founded in 1961 through the enterprising spirit of Alfredo Carrai. Alfredo was so fascinated by the world of tea that, despite his tender age, he decided to accept the challenge of introducing Italy to the consumption and culture of a drink that was practically unknown at the time.

The Mixed Berries Tea Bags containing Carcadè (the fleshy calyx of the hibiscus flower), rosehip, dehydrated apples, dehydrated blueberries, elderberry, marigold, and cornflower are characterized by their aroma of berries, and full-bodied flavor. Each box contains 25 bags, perfect to be enjoyed on a rainy afternoon or at the end of a meal for relaxation. 

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Producer La Via Del Tè