Organic Sliced Chili Peppers in Olive Oil 6.3 oz

Organic Sliced Chili Peppers in Olive Oil 6.3 oz

Bio Orto

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The Organic Sliced Chili Peppers in Olive Oil from BioOrto flaunt a decisive and rich flavor, obtained by cultivating and processing the peppers entirely by hand.

This Chili Peppers are the perfect addition to toasted bread, but can also be paired with sweet cheeses, soups, and meat!

Dedicated to the production of high-quality, organic produce, BioOrto is a family-run company with lands located near the foothills of the Gargano National Park in Puglia. Thanks to the ventilated climate, the well-spaced rotation cycle, and the irrigation of mineral water from the Gargano promontory, Bio Orto's medium-textured soil is ideal for the production of large-scale, outdoors-only, seasonal fruits and vegetables. With complete oversight of the production chain, from the hand-picking of the organic fruits and vegetables to the packaging and marketing of their products, BioOrto can ensure that only the very best Italian products make it to your table.

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Producer Bio Orto