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Pasta di Gragnano

Pasta di Gragnano


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At Eataly, we pride ourselves on our pasta, which is crafted in the hillside town Gragnano, Campania, the birthplace of dry pasta. The pastai – pasta makers – guide a sheet of dough through a bronze mold, then air dry the pasta in the Mediterranean sun. The resulting al dente pasta perfectly soaks up sauce. This collection comprises a selection of four artisanal pasta shapes to explore.

Rigorosa - Spaghetti 17.6 oz
Il Pastaio di Gragnano - Calamari 17.6oz
Afeltra - 100% Italian Grain Ziti Rigati 35.3 oz
Il Pastaio di Gragnano - Spaghettoni 17.6oz

Sku K2000305
Producer Eataly