A Zesty Affair

A Zesty Affair


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One winter in the 15th century, the Duke of Milano, Ludovico il Moro, threw a magnificent Christmas Eve feast for all of his royal court. The head pastry chef, tasked with dessert, had been distracted by a forbidden romance with a nobleman’s wife and let his pastry burn to a crisp.

Having to act quickly, a young scullery boy named Toni, added together some leftover dough that had been resting for three days, a few scraps of orange peels, some raisins, sugar, and butter. At a loss for another option, the pastry chef presented the dessert to the Duke’s court and quickly walked out.

Rich yet fluffy, the sweet dome-shaped cake was such a success across the court that the Duke called the pastry chef back into the hall to praise him. Amid applause, the pastry chef admitted that it was the pane di Toni (Toni’s bread) which, legend dictates, eventually became known as – you guessed it – panettone.

Today, panettone is one of Italy’s most anticipated holiday desserts. Excellent on its own, panettone is delicious paired with a sweet spread. With the bundle A Zesty Affair, you will get all the essentials to enjoy panettone like a pro: a rich Panettone, paired with a zesty lemon spread.

For an extra treat (or to pretend like you’re part of the Duke’s court), enjoy your slice with a glass of sweet wine.

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  • 1 x Lemon Cream Spread 7 oz - Scyavuru