Repair + Relax Mindful Kit

Repair + Relax Mindful Kit


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The Mindful Kits from Palermo are a line of thoughtfully designed boxes containing all the essentials to enjoy moments of mindfulness amid a busy daily schedule. Packaged with love, the Mindful Kits come in a beautiful Palermo-branded gift box at a special bundle price.

The Repair + Relax Mindful Kit from Palermo is the perfect assortment of calming and therapeutic self-care favorites selected to soothe stressed skin. Perfect for any jet-setter, the Repair + Relax Mindful Kit contains a Bergamot and Lavender Scented Repairing Body Oil to hydrate and repair sun-damaged skin, a Lavander, Blue Yarrow, and Cypress Oil Scented Tranquillity Aromatherapy Oil with wonderful calming and grounding effects, and a Lavander and Sage Scented Face and Body Soap with White French Clay and Shea Butter to hydrate even the most sensitive skins.

The Repair + Relax Mindful Kit contains a Repairing Body Oil 0.5 oz, a Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil 0.17 oz, Lavander and Sage Soap 2 oz.

With a sleek design and wonderful scent, this Repair + Relax Mindful Kit makes for the perfect gift.

Growing up, Jessica Morelli was taught about the importance of natural ingredients and the act of making self-care a daily practice by her Sicilian grandmother Vincenza. Named after her Nonna's hometown, Palermo is Jessica's way of sharing this valuable knowledge with the world. Made with sustainable and clean ingredients, Palermo's product will accompany you on your self-care journey, whether you have just started or are looking for new products to improve your routine.

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