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Nazionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz

Nazionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz

Niasca Portofino

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The Nazionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Niasca Portofino has an intense green color with yellow hues. It is produced with a unique blend of national Italian olives. It is intense in fruitiness and full-bodied, and the final sensation is sharp with a nice pepper kick.

Olive Varieties: Pignola, Lavagnina, Biancolilla, Ogliarola and Coratina.

Pairing ideas: bread, grilled meat, grilled vegetable, salads and pasta.

The Niasca Portofino project rediscovers the traditions of the region and its accompanying flavors, through the redevelopment of the countryside and places that were abandoned long ago, helping to re-invigorate the local economy. The result is an invitation to discover the true tastes of Liguria.

Sku 516077
Producer Niasca Portofino