Scarpariello Tomato Sauce 20.1 oz

Scarpariello Tomato Sauce 20.1 oz


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A traditional recipe from Campania, Scarpariello, from scarpaio meaning shoemaker, is a pasta sauce that originates in Naples' Spanish Quarters, where local shoe-making artisans needed a quick and delicious pasta meal to enjoy during their lunch break.

The Scarpariello Tomato Sauce combines the sweetness of ripe tomatoes with the spicy kick of chili peppers, giving birth to a well-balanced sauce with an irresistible flavor.

Perfect for elevating a plain pasta dish, the Scarpariello Tomato Sauce is best paired with Ziti, Penne, or any other short pasta.

Directions: Ready in 1 minute! Just heat up your saucepan with extra virgin olive oil and slowly add the sauce.

Nanù is an artisanal Italian producer that creates the highest quality sauces, ragùs, and tomato-based products that bring the best Mediterranean flavors to the table every day. The tomatoes are picked daily and are processed exclusively by hand in all of the production phases.

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