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Montasio Stravecchio DOP 20 Month 0.5 lb

Montasio Stravecchio DOP 20 Month 0.5 lb


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Produced exclusively in Friuli Venezia Giulia and northeastern Veneto, Montasio Stravecchio DOP is named after the group of mountains between the Resia Valley and Canale del Ferro. It is produced exclusively with fresh cow’s milk harvested in the area of production, and aged for 20 months. Enjoy paired with Prosciutto di San Daniele for a true regional experience.

Founded in 1898 in Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto in Northeastern Italy, Perenzin treats each cheese with great care, and has become a pioneer in the production of organic goat’s milk cheese and other regional styles of cheese.

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Sku 30384
Producer Perenzin