Meet Olio Taibi

Meet Olio Taibi


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Get a taste of Olio Taibi's award-winning Sicilian olive oils with the gift box Meet Olio Taibi, which includes two unique bottles: Biancolilla and Nocellara.

Fruity and pungent with notes of green grass, almond, and red pepper, Biancolilla pairs well with white wine, delicate salads, steamed fish, and fresh cheeses. Decisively fruity with a peppery finish, the Nocellara pairs well with red wine, red sauces, pasta, legume soups, rich salads, and roasted meats. Keep both in your kitchen pantry and drizzle your dishes as desired!

Since 1867 the Taibi family has been growing olives and making olive oil in their estate in Agrigento, Sicily. Following organic practices, they harvest their olives while they are still green, and press them within a few hours for maximum taste and health. Each bottle is made with single olive cultivar, resulting in a unique taste profile of the Agrigento terroir.

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Producer Taibi
  • 1 x Biancolilla Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz - Taibi
  • 1 x Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz - Taibi