Hazelnut Gianduja Spread 13.4 oz

Hazelnut Gianduja Spread 13.4 oz

Maison Nocciola Piemonte

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Gianduja is an irresistible Piemontese specialty made with silky chocolate and rich hazelnuts. Surprisingly, this sweet spread was invented out of necessity in the 1860s, when cacao was rationed across Italy due to the Neapolitan wars. Since hazelnuts grow widely around Piemonte, they were used to extend the chocolate. Today, the creamy spread is considered a luxury across Italy.

The Hazelnut Gianduja Spread from Maison Nocciola Piemonte is a fusion of finely ground high-quality hazelnuts and smooth chocolate cream. Made with 52% of Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, with no added preservatives or fats, this delicious cream is perfect for a high-energy breakfast or a tasty snack.

Thanks to its amazing versatility this cream is often used for the preparation of cakes, tarts, and small pastries.

Piedmont confectionery tradition owes a great deal to the hazelnut and hazelnut processing techniques. A prized variety with exceptional organoleptic and nutritional properties, the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut is the first product to obtain IGP-protected geographical indication certification in Piedmont. The history of Maison della Nocciola Piemonte is deeply intertwined with the Tonda Gentile hazelnut because it's founded on the greatest reverence for antique flavors, unearthing historic recipes and preparing them with the aid of modern technology.

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