Malfy Gin: Sip into Summer with Sun-kissed Italian Citrus

Malfy Gin aperitivo


This summer's fresh and stylish cocktails have a key ingredient in common – Malfy Gin! Malfy Gin is inspired by the spirit and lifestyle of the Amalfi Coast. The stylish, sun-soaked enclave encapsulatesLa Dolce Vitaand captures the essence of Italy – all of which is bottled up into Malfy Gin. Each bottle is stamped with GQDI, orGin di Qualità Distillato, certifying its quality and authenticity.

Malfy Gin cocktail


Malfy Gin comes in four unique flavors – Originale, Limone, Rosa, and Arancia.Citrus weaves its way through all of the flavor profiles of Malfy Gin thanks to the strong Amalfi influence.The Originale flavor takes an Italian twist on a classic gin with a dry taste and a hint of juniper and citrus. Limone boasts delectable Italian sun-ripened lemons and Amalfi lemon peels, making it an essential gin for every season. The fusion of Sicilian pink grapefruits, Italian lemons, and botanicals comprise the Rosa gin – the ultimate bright and sophisticated gin. Last but certainly not least comes the Arancia flavor. If you’re craving that fantastic feeling of sunshine, this is the one for you. Its ripe Sicilian blood oranges create the perfect bright and succulent summer flavor. 

Malfy Gin drink


With a range of flavors and aromas, Malfy Gin can accompany almost any meal or mood. Elevate your next gin & tonic with Malfy Gin, or savor something new like ‘La Dolce Vita Spritz’. Not sure when the time is right for Malfy Gin (hint:all the time)? Check out how to pair each flavor with a dinner party or relaxed aperitivo to start.In just a few sips be transported to the Amalfi Coast and see why we love Malfy Gin so much...

Italy is just a sip away! Pick up a bottle of Malfy Gin, and enjoy a Malfy Gin Tonico Limone at your local Eataly. For those who want to experience La Dolce Vita from home, order the recipe with Copa Glasses from ReserveBar.