Seedlip: Delivering Non-Alcoholic Spirits From "Seed to Lip"

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Inspired by John French’s 17th century The Art of Distillation, Ben Branson created Seedlip – the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit. In search of a sophisticated non-alcoholic option, Branson combined his farming heritage with his love of nature and design to master his creation. 

Want to be the host with the most? Make sure to offer a non-alcoholic option like Seedlip during your summer gatherings for people who are moderating their drinking. Discover the full Seedlip range, and see how to put a twist on the classic cocktail experience with flavors carefully crafted for your consideration.

Seedlip flavors

Each of the three unique spirits features high quality, carefully sourced, and uniquely-combined ingredients to change the way the world drinks. Seedlip uses plants like ginger, cascarilla, hay, and oak to serve the palate with unique, natural tasting flavors. Savor the taste of zesty freshness in Grove 42, piney, peppery twists in Garden 108,and warm, aromatic allspice in Spice 94.

Seedlip process

The process from “seed to lip” takes 152 days, with six steps in between. Between planting and bottling comes harvesting, freezing, macerating, distilling, blending, and filtering. This labor of love results in three distinctive spirits – herbal, citrus, and aromatic. Each of these botanical ingredients is distilled separately before blending, resulting in a liquid devoid of alcohol and sugar. 

Seedlip cocktail

These non-alcoholic spirits are not a sign to shy away from the art of the cocktail.Seedlip has a collection of recipes ranging from a unique take on the classic cosmopolitan (the ‘CosNOpolitan’) to the trendy ‘Espresso MartiNO.’

Seedlip in three flavors

Try Seedlip in any of your favorite traditional drinks, or opt for something new with this flavorful, sophisticated option. Pick up a bottle at your local Eataly!