San Felice Wines Transport You to Rolling Hills of Tuscany

San Felice Wines Transport You to Rolling Hills of Tuscany


Between the Chianti hills and the landscape of the Crete Senesi lies the San Felice estate – home to 465 acres of vineyards and 15,000 olive trees. The vineyards of San Felice have a history as rich and bountiful as their land. Dating all the way back to the Etruscan times, it wasn’t until the late 1970s that San Felice became what it is today when Allianz Group purchased the estate and committed to developing the farm into anavant-garde winery.

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The vineyards are set on sandy silty soils with a typical Mediterranean climatemade up of mild winters and hot dry summers with sea breezes. Owing its bounty to the Tuscan land it lies on,the winery has an extensive vineyard replanting program with the aim of maximizing the value of itsSangiovese grapes. It’s the commitment and passion of those who work at San Felice to tend the land and make it bear fruit that keeps the tradition of winemaking alive. 

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The winemaking process itself is long and arduous. Maceration alone can take up to four weeks while aging can take up to 36 months for a Brunello wine! The hard work is more than worth it when1.2 million bottles are produced by the end of the year. San Felice estate-owned grapes are distributed among 20 different labels with unique varieties and tastes to each. Experience wines with renowned and prestigious designations likeChianti Classico, Montalcino, and Bolgheri.

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San Felice'sVitiariumis used in an effort to grow the estate while also giving back to the land that has made the vineyard what it is today.For over 30 years, San Felice has been collecting and classifying over 270 grape varietiesin the Vitiarium. Paying close attention to the biodiversity of their vines protects the genetic heritage of Tuscan viticulture and accentuates the characteristics of Sangiovese.

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San Felice wines are truly a labor of love and can be appreciated by anyone. Behind each bottle is passion, tradition, and a commitment to the land they are made from.

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