Fattorie Fiandino: Bringing Passion & Piedmontese Tradition to the Art of Butter & Cheese Making

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Meet Fattorie Fiandino, bringing passion and Piedmontese tradition to the art of butter and cheese making since 1889. Made exclusively from the milk of Bruna Italiana cows in the northern Italian province of Cuneo, Fattorie Fiandino produces a range of aromatic cheese, butter, and cream that shares a true taste of the land.


In the mountain pastures and meadows of Italy's Stura Valley, the Fiandino family starts each day with the comforting smell of milk.The family's history and values draw its origins back to the 18th century, when Stefano Fiandino left Milan for the mountains of the Occitan Alps, and established the family's first herd of Bruna Italiana cows. Producing great milk, making excellent butter and cheese, and understanding the cycle of life were the secrets passed on to the generations, along with passion and love for a job that requires great sacrifice, but brings about a very special sense of satisfaction. Living with nature became so deeply rooted in the Fiandino family that it became a true way of life, so much so that Magno Fiandino decided to re-imagine the business in 1920, expand it, and give it a home in the place known today as Fattorie Fiandino in Villafalletto.

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Villafalletto is sheltered on two sides by the Alps, and the hills of the Langhe to the east, while the barrier of the Susa Valley protects the area from cold, damp air coming from the north. Furthermore, at an altitude of more than 400 meters above sea level, a very low constant humidity and cool temperature provide the optimum conditions for the production of superior quality milk and the perfect ageing of cheeses. Alongside a herd of 200 Bruna Italiana cows, there's a production chain from other dairy farms in the province of Cuneo, a "hamlet" where staff take care of the animals, and where Mario and Egidio Fiandino now continue the traditional activity to this today with passion and expertise.

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The Fiandino farm chose to breed exclusively purebred Bruna Alpina cows, which are born and raised on the farm, and roam freely across its fields and meadows.Thanks to a perfect selection and optimal nutrition, these cows produce superior quality milk. If Burro 1889 and Fattorie Fiandino's cheeses are so good, the merit is of the Brune Alpine cows and the land that provides rich grass, corn and other cereals on which they feed.

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In thinking about the meeting point between history and innovation, Fattorie Fiandino has devised the Kinara method, which sees the use of flowers from the Cynara cardunculus plant —a common wild cardoon, which grows naturally on its mountains— as a real vegetable rennet. This first-of-its-kind process created by Fattorie Fiandino is an alternative to traditional animal rennet. The cheeses created with the Kinara method can be distinguished by their softness, and delicate fragrance and flavor, where all the goodness of Fiandino Farms is expressed in the best possible way.


On its property in Villafalletto, Fattorie Fiandino also hosts a farm shop whose name — LOU NEGOSI N°1 — recalls the ancient Occitan origins of the family.Here, visitors can find all the farms’ offerings — from Burro 1889, to the wide range of classic cheeses, and the Kinara line featuring real vegetable rennet, as well as creams for hands and body.

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Looking to indulge in the pure quality of Fattorie Fiandino products without making a trip to Italy? Pick up Fattorie Fiandino butter and cheese at your local Eataly, or shop online!