Celebrate 140 years of Caffè Vergnano!

Caffè Vergnano

Founded in 1882 by Domenico Vergnano as a small workshop, Caffè Vergnano is Italy’s oldest coffee roasting company. Since its origins as a small shop in Chieri — a town at the foot of the hills in Torino, Piemonte — the company has honored tradition, producing high-quality coffee using the slow roasting method. Caffè Vergnano is still run by the Vergnano family to this day, fueled by passion and dedication to the art of coffee production.

This year, Caffè Vergnano is celebrating a very special anniversary — 140 years! Learn more about Caffè Vergnano's dedication to embracing the coffee ritual, and sharing it with the world below.


Caffè Vergnano specializes in the selection and roasting of green coffee, and values the careful selection of every bean. Every day, the team grinds, roasts, tastes and tests their coffee, perfecting recipes using traditional techniques inherited from the company's ancestors.

Coffee beans must be roasted to perfection, made possible by the process of slow roasting — a traditional method that differs from industrial processes, and results in the best possible even cooking. Slow roasting methods, as opposed to turbo toasting, are what gives Caffè Vergnano an evenly balanced roast! Each origin is roasted separately to perfection, the most delicate stage in coffee production, to accentuate the full aroma and the quality of each bean.

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Quality, passion, sustainability, and social responsibility have been at the heart of Caffè Vergnano since 1882. Every year, Caffè Vergnano works to enhance and promote the role of women in coffee plantations around the world with their Women in Coffee initiative, which supports concrete projects aimed at enhancing and promoting the role of women on coffee plantations.

Caffè Vergnano also recently partnered with the Funtasia Organization — a non-profit which creates innovative learning spaces and experiences that teach cultural exchange, citizenship, and equality in children and young adults. Together, they created a special edition tin available on Eataly.com — a portion of all proceeds go directly to Funtasia, making a real difference in many lives around the world!

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Caffè Vergnano is celebrating its birthday with a series of limited edition objects tinted with gold for the special occasion.The exclusive series includes an espresso cup, a special edition tin filled with 100% Arabica ground coffee, and an exclusive bundle of the two that celebrates 140 years of quality, beauty and dedication.Shop the limited edition Anniversary pieces on Eataly.com, or find them in a participating Eataly.

Join us in celebrating 140 years of Caffe' Vergnano — Find Caffè Vergnano online, or in your local Eataly!

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