Producer Stories

  • Giovanni Ponti started making his own balsamic vinegar in 1867 in his home region of Piemonte.

  • After visiting different prosciuttifici in Italy, our experts chose to offer Prosciutto di Modena DOP, a special variety of prosciutto crudo. Discover the story!

  • Sweeten your day with any of the pure organic honey, fruit jams, or hazelnut spreads by Rigoni di Asiago.

  • Get a taste of the centuries of tradition and years of work that are ingrained each wedge of Grana Padano DOP.

  • For four generations, the Boeri family – historically nicknamed “Roi” – has dedicated itself to sharing the flavors of the Ligurian coast with olive oil, pesto, and beyond.

  • Over the past century, Mieli Thun has harvested nectar from local bees that pollinate nearby flowers.

  • Eataly Magazine editors went behind the scenes to interview the team at Calvisius, an Italian producer dedicated to making high-quality caviar following sustainable practices.

  • Founded in 1995 by Skip Bennett, Island Creek Oysters has grown into one of the largest and most reputable sustainable oyster businesses in the United States. Discover their story.

  • In this Eataly Magazine article, we’re going behind the scenes to discover the story and difference of Così Com’è.