Producer Stories

  • Born from “a timeless act of faith,” Il Borro Toscana produces elegant wines that transport you to the heart of the region. Learn about their family of wines and more.

  • This tasty combination of earthy beetroots, juicy berries, creamy cheese balls, and a sweet-tart glaze is a simple yet special way to enjoy Giusti Day with the highest-quality ingredients!

  • Based in Lombardia, this 100% Italian company specializes in producing a premium, high-quality prosciutto cotto (cooked ham), as well as other cured specialties like Salame Felino.

  • Hailing from the heart of the Alps, Lurisia's all-natural soft drinks and premium mineral waters embody the essence of health and purity in every sip.

  • We love this Piemontese producer and want you to fall for them, too! So, we've rounded up 11 ways for you to love Ponti! Explore our ideas, then taste the products for yourself.

  • Giovanni Ponti started making his own balsamic vinegar in 1867 in his home region of Piemonte.

  • We sat down with the experts at Afeltra, a prize-winning historic pasta factory, to go behind the scenes and find out how pasta is made.

  • After visiting different prosciuttifici in Italy, our experts chose to offer Prosciutto di Modena DOP, a special variety of prosciutto crudo. Discover the story!

  • Sweeten your day with any of the pure organic honey, fruit jams, or hazelnut spreads by Rigoni di Asiago.