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Stories and recipes from the world of high-quality food and drink
  • Semifreddo al Torroncino

    Torino is known for its desserts, such as its namesake torrone, Italy’s answer to nougat, and dark chocolate. A crowd pleaser — especially during the holidays — this traditional chilled dessert features both.
  • Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe

    Rich cheese, bronze-extruded pasta, and freshly-ground pepper—the ultimate comfort food, "cacio e pepe" is a simple Roman dish that depends on the quality of just a few ingredients.
  • From Grove to Table

    Celebrate the heart of the harvest with the season's best extra virgin olive oil, now at your local Eataly But first, discover the culinary gold's journey from the grove to your table.
  • Babà al Limoncello

    These delicious little yeast cakes known as babà are normally soaked in rum, but since they are a specialty of Campania, we like to soak them in one of that region's signature liqueurs — tart limoncello. Then, present them garnished with strips of candied lemon and raspberries for a delicious finish. Continue reading

  • Arista di Maiale

    The scent of roasting meat is always a sign that it’s a holiday in Italy. With its colorful prune-grappa stuffing, this pork roast makes a particularly picturesque and delicious centerpiece to your festive table.
  • Meet Venchi

    Discover the rich story of Venchi, which was founded by a 20-year-old artisan with only two bronze copper cooking pots and a passion for chocolate in 1878.
  • How to Pair Soda

    For a twist on a tasting menu, try a new beverage pairing: soda!

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