TRUFFLE WEEK! - This Thanksgiving, bring home an Italian truffle with special offers, all week long. Get the details!
Stories and recipes from the world of high-quality food and drink
  • Risotto ai Funghi

    Revel in the harvest with this rich recipe, in which the woodsy flavors of mushrooms pair perfectly with the al dente bite of rice — the ultimate fall dish.
  • Truffles v. Mushrooms

    Truffles and mushrooms are both in the fungi kingdom; however, they grow in different places, thrive in different climates, and have a unique place on the table. Learn more!
  • How to Pick Apples

    We are in the peak of apple season! Whether you want a snack or are baking strudel, discover how to pick apples, from Golden Delicious to Granny.
  • Brasato di Maiale alla Birra

    Sweet and tangy and savory all at once, Eataly's recipe for beer-braised pork shoulder offers a flavorful taste of northern Italy. Come for the beer...stay for the beer-braised pork shoulder.
  • Eating from Root to Shoot

    Rethink food with our simple zero-waste guide to eating the entire fruit or vegetable, from root to shoot. Then, check out the upcoming film "WASTED! The Story of Food Waste," released on October 13.
  • The Truth about Truffle Oil

    Discover how Eataly, after years of avoiding truffle oil, found an authentic variety we can trust (and deeply enjoy).
  • Super Tuscans

    Discover the story behind Super Tuscans, the wine blends made by renegade winemakers in Toscana. Then, get a taste of the robust red in La Piazza!

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