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Summer Bounty

Summer Bounty

Celebrate summer's long sunny days and warm balmy evenings with the season's most colorful fruits and vegetables.

With the return of summer, we wanted to learn how to incorporate our favorite ingredients in fresh ways. Eataly Magazine roamed the marketplace, picked out a few locally-grown fruits and vegetables, and asked our chefs how to prepare them in simple dishes.

Enjoy a taste of summer  the Italian way!


Sweet, red-fleshed, crisp, and juicy, watermelons are one of the most anticipated and refreshing treats of summer.

In the market: Look for a melon free of dents and bruises, then knock: a ripe watermelon will sound hollow.

In the kitchen: In the blink of an eye, our chefs assembled a watermelon salad with capers, watermelon radish, feta, fennel, fennel fronds, and a drizzle of olive oil.



O’ glorious fruit  we could write sonnets about il pomodoro (we kind of already have). Balancing acidity and sweetness, there is nothing better than a sun-warmed, juicy, freshly-picked tomato.

In the market: Avoid the perfectly smooth and shiny skin here, as it may have been treated; instead, move toward the heirloom variety. Nota bene: Do not refrigerate your tomatoes; store at room temperature.

In the kitchen: Pasta al pomodoro. Always and forever. Period. (Recipe here.)

epiphany farms tomatoes web


While we love ground cornmeal  polenta!  our chefs live for the fresh sweetness of yellow corn, which is hitting its peak in July and August.

In the market: Check for bright green husks that fit the cob closely and develop into brown, sticky silks on top.

In the kitchen: It’s hard to surpass classic corn on the cob, grilled and salted to perfection – except when the sweet kernels are paired with nutty farro and crisp scallions! Simply cook the farro until it is al dente, grill the corn, top with chopped scallions, drizzle olive oil, toss to combine, and serve.

Grain Salad


It is a rare lunch in Italy that does not include a salad composed of greens  served after the main course, mind you. We love to pair other in-season produce with vegetables for a refreshing summer dish.

In the market: Simply select the most beautiful, green leaves.

In the kitchen: For a classic insalata verde, or green salad, tear a variety of tender lettuces into bite-size pieces. Dress with a simple vinaigrette (half olive oil, half balsamic vinegar); top with grated carrots, chopped cucumber, and quartered tomatoes; and toss to combine.



In Italy, fruit is often served for dessert, though it occasionally guest stars in antipasti and primi piatti. Dripping with flavor, peaches should be paired with simple ingredients to highlight the juicy goodness.

In the market: Look for peaches without soft spots or excessive blemishes.

In the kitchen: We love grilled peaches for dessert served with lemon sorbetto or drizzled in lemon juice.

grill peaches

Find seasonal fruits and vegetables in our produce departments at your local Eataly, or shop for refreshing pairings online for home delivery!