How to Pair Wine and Prosciutto

How to Pair Wine and Prosciutto

No matter the moment (or season), wine and prosciutto make any meal feel a little extra luxurious. We sat down with the wine experts at Eataly Vino to find out what they're sipping this summer with our five prosciutto crudo DOPs.

Take one trip to our salumi counter, you'll soon realize that not all prosciutti crudi are made the same. While the process for curing the pork with salt, air, and time might seem similar on the surface, each prosciutto crudo DOP comes from a different environment and artisanal tradition that makes each one totally unique in flavor.

It's only natural that they all deserve the perfectly paired wine to complete the meal, and our wine experts have come through with some inspired selections of vini italiani. Whether you start with the wine or the cured meat, we can guarantee that you'll be saying salute to any of these delicious pairings.


Known as the "King of Hams," this traditional prosciutto crudo hails from Parma in Emilia-Romagna. The dry-aging process in fresh Parma air – for at least 14 months – makes for cured meat that boasts a salty yet delicate, nutty flavor.

Wine Pairing: Cleto Ciarli Lambrusco Vigneto Cialdini NV – when in Parma, do as the Italians do and drink Lambrusco! This chilled frizzante red is a perfect foil to the leaner, saltier version of prosciutto crudo. 


The mountain air and the Adriatic Sea creates a natural microclimate in San Daniele, in the Northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Thanks to this intoxicating combination for curing, the resulting prosciutto crudo offers an aromatic, sweet flavor.

Wine Pairing: Bastianich Friulano 2017 – this grape is native to the same region as this rich prosciutto crudo, making it a perfect match to the clean, mineral push of this white wine.

Prosciutto and wine pairing at Eataly Flatiron in New York


From the heart of the Italian food valley in the hills around Modena, Emilia-Romagna, this prosciutto has a savory flavor with intense aroma thanks to a long and slow maturation process.

Wine Pairing: La Stoppa Trebbiolo 2017 – an organic red from Emilia-Romagna, this wine chills beautifully and has a slight natural spritz to offset the meatiness of this prosciutto crudo.


Produced in Toscana according to traditional methods that date back to the time of the Medici (as in, over 500 years!), this style of prosciutto crudo is cured with salt and seasoned with local spices like rosemary, juniper, and black pepper, giving the cured meat an earthy, herbaceous flavor.

Wine Pairing: DOP Montenidoli Vernaccio Tradizionale 2017 – produced in San Gimignano, the fossil-rich soil gives this white wine a mineral freshness to balance out this savory prosciutto crudo.


Made with high-quality pork legs and cured in Carpegna, Le Marche, this prosciutto has a lightly sweet flavor with a delightfully soft texture. The pork legs are massaged with a blend of lard, spices, and local Cervia salt, then cured for 20 months.

Wine Pairing: Umani Ronchi Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Casal di Serra 2018 – the delicate flavor and higher fat content in this prosciutto crudo calls for a classic white wine of the region. This breathtaking Verdicchio has notes of granny smith apple, jasmine, and under-ripe peach.

Prosciutto Crudo at Eataly NYC Flatiron

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