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6 Ways to Eat (and Drink) Summer Produce

6 Ways to Eat (and Drink) Summer Produce

Go a little crazy at the farmer's market? Embrace those bushels of fruits and vegetables with our tips on how to eat (and drink) the fresh summer produce! 


Make summer bounty last even longer by creating sauces and jams from fresh fruits and vegetables, or simple freeze the ripe produce.


Sprinkle a pinch of sugar and lemon juice on berries, melons, or even tomatoes one hour before serving for an even more delicious fruit salad.


Only have day-old bread in your kitchen? Soak it in water, tear it into chunks, and toss with tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives for our favorite bread salad, panzanella.

4. BAKE.

From veggie-studded focaccia to jam-filled crostata, we love to bake our fruits and vegetables.


In our guide to caprese, we focused on fresh tomatoes; however, you can make this light and refreshing salad with peaches, too.


You can drink your fruits and vegetables, too, you know! We love to combine pureed or juiced fruit with spirits for a refreshing cocktail or sparkling mineral water for a tasty mocktail, or infuse spirits with the fresh flavors. Bonus points for serving with creative fresh garnishes.

mint cocktail terra

Happy summer!