Eataly's Panettone Guide

Eataly's Panettone Guide

In Italy, no holiday feast would be complete without a fluffy, sweet panettone served for dessert (and enjoy the next day at breakfast, too). With so many delectable flavors to choose from, we know it can be difficult to pick just one. Read on for our definitive panettone guide!

The traditional panettone recipe dates back to the fifteenth century, where legend has it that a distracted pastry chef dressed up a long-cured dough on the fly with candied fruit and raisins, just in time to serve his new invention to the Duke of Milano. Nowadays, it's not uncommon to find creative riffs on the classic recipe, ranging from chocolate chips to Italy's famed limoncello and beyond. Wrapped up in elegant paper and a bow, with each cake boasting a more unique flavor than the last, how can a food lover choose just one?


Luckily, all of Eataly's panettone and pandoro are hand-selected (and yes, often tasted) by our food experts to bring you the best artisanal cakes from Italy. Read on for our definitive panettone guide for every type of food lover on your holiday guest list.


Best for a Taste of Italian Tradition: Bonifanti Glazed Panettone

A grand take on the traditional Italian Christmas cake, this classic panettone is made with natural yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise, then filled with a generous helping of candied fruit and raisins. Plus, the amaretto and almond glaze on top is delightfully crackly and sweet. For a true taste of Italian holiday tradition, this panettone is a perfect pick.


Best for Breakfast: Antica Bronte Panettone with Berries

Dressed in a festive fuschia wrapper, this dome-shaped loaf is studded with wild fruits and berries and a show-stopping glaze. Simply sweet, light and airy, this cake makes a perfect dessert and breakfast both.


Most Holiday Spirit: Balocco Marron Glacé Panettone

In Italy, roasted chestnuts are synonymous with winter strolls through Italy's famed holiday markets. For a double serving of holiday flavor, this fluffy panettone is made with natural yeast and take at least 30 hours to rise, then is filled with a generous helping of candied chestnuts.


Best for Chocolate Lovers: Bonifanti Chocolate Panettone

Chocolate lovers, this one's for you: this panettone is packed with dark chocolate chips, then covered with dark chocolate and hazelnut for an irresistible crunch. Serve with whipped cream and a glass of dessert wine for an indulgent end to your holiday festa.


Best for the After Dinner Crowd: Borsari Limoncello Pandoro

In Italy, you might end your meal with a glass of lemon-infused limoncello, an intoxicating liqueur with a bright, citrus taste. Bring together your two after-dinner favorites – dessert and a digestivo – with this rich pandoro cake filled with limoncello cream.


Best for Kids: Galup Pandoro with Chocolate Chips

This star-shaped pandoro, or “golden bread,” is modeled after the mountains near Verona, where it was first created. Wrapped in kicky, bright colors, boasting springy texture and rich flavor, and dotted with chocolate chips, this holiday cake is hard for any kid – or grown-up kid – to resist.


Best for Grown-Ups: Galup Moscato Wine Panettone

And for the adults with a sweet tooth? Galup's panettone with Moscato wine is a boozy treat. A unique twist on the classic cake, the rich and fluffy dough is studded with raisins soaked in Moscato wine.

Still conflicted? Stop by your local Eataly this holiday season where we're hosting daily demos and tastings of these classic holiday desserts, or shop our full selection online to bring a taste of Italy home.

Buone feste!