JUST CHILLED – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

How to Picnic

How to Picnic

This summer, celebrate the tradition of gathering outdoors to eat, enjoy good company, and soak up the sun. 

Check out how to create the perfect picnic, pick up a wicker basket, and gather your ingredients for dining al fresco!

1. Le bibite. From the first sip, le bibite – the drinks – can set the tone of the picnic. And what celebrates sunshine better than sparkling wine or soda? Wine makes us feel very festive; made with Italian mineral water and raw ingredients, our selection of Italian sodas add a refreshing twist to any picnic! (For an expert twist, learn how to pair sodas with your meal.)

2. I contorni. Accompany your Eataly-inspired picnic with a few local and Italian sides, or contorni. We love freshly-cut fruit (insider tip: our vegetable butchers will wash and cut all produce, free of charge); prepared vegetables, like marinated eggplant; chips, such as the flavorful New York’s North Fork or Chicago’s Billy Goat Chip Company; and thin, flaky Italian crackers.

3. Il pane. From panini to pizza alla pala, bread-based foods are the ideal main course for any picnic: freshly-baked pane paired with fresh, high-quality ingredients? Yes, please. Swing by our bakeries and take-away counters for whole loaves, focaccia, piadine, panini, and much more at your local Eataly. These are great to share or enjoy on your own.

4. I dolciEven picnics should end with a little something sweet! For our al fresco dining, we reach for artisanal Italian chocolates, cookies, and candies, which add an element of elegance while remain perfect for eating with your hands. You can also pick up our pastry team's housemade dolci, from chocolate chip cookies to tiramisù (get the recipe).

5. Sedetevi. Finally, it’s time to sit down! Whether you’re in the city or the country, find the prime picnic spot, whether it is a bench, a table, or even (especially!) the grass. As long as you are eating outdoors, you are successfully picnicking.

6. Buon appetitoEat – and enjoy.

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Visit your local Eataly to pick up ingredients, or explore our suggested ingredients online for delivery to your door. Buon Picnic