5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Week

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Week

With spring around the corner, we're thinking of all the ways to celebrate our planet. From our favorite producers who give back to the land, to all the way to create less waste in the kitchen, here are five ways to bring Earth Week celebrations into your own home this year.

1. Bring biodiversity to the table.

Supporting artisanal, responsible producers who follow organic and sustainable practices is as easy as picking up a new ingredient for your lunches and dinners at home. Bring home a jar of pesto from Niasca Portofino, who reuses and rehabilitates abandoned land to cultivate biodiversity in Liguria (then get the recipe for pasta al pesto here). Or, add sweet Gorgonzola DOP cheese from Arrigoni to risotto or your next antipasto board, and taste the difference that biodiversity makes.

vegetables produce carrots

2. Eat root to shoot.

There are so many ways to eat sustainably – especially from home. You can help to reduce food waste right from your own kitchen by eating root to shoot, your choices at the table have an impact on our planet. Check out what fresh vegetables and fruits are in season at your local Eataly, then ask our experts for tips on how to enjoy the bounty of the season.

Wine and flowers at SERRA by Birreria, Eataly's seasonal restaurant in nyc

3. Sip on a glass of organic vino.

Our wine experts have put together a fresh spring selection of some of our top organic, natural, and biodynamic wines. Made with grapes that are grown according to organic standards and without the use of added chemicals, each bottle tastes distinctly of its unique terroir – the place where it was made. Choose light wines with clean, herbaceous aromas like the Brandini Dolcetto d'Alba (nota bene: this one pairs well with smoked cheeses or agnolotti del plin) or a dry and fruity Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco di Grasparossa, perfect for aperitivo and paired with salumi. Then stop by your local Eataly wine shop or head to Eatalyvino.com to bring home your picks to celebrate the spring season.

sourdough starter Eataly

4. Nurture something new.

A tip for anyone who is taken with sourdough (or who has yet to discover the joy of bread baking at home): you can bring home some of Eataly's lievito madre. Our mother yeast is nurtured daily in our bakery, then combined with our organic, stone-ground flour from Mulino Marino to create authentic, rustic Italian breads. Seize the moment to bring home some of Eataly's mother yeast, and follow us on social media to learn how to make your own sourdough bread from our head baker, Fulvio Marino. (P.S. You can also get started with these Italian dough recipes to master!)

eataly reusable bag

5. And if you're shopping – bring your own bag.

The next time you shop at Eataly, bring your own bag! Need a few more reasons why you should switch to an Eataly reusable tote? They have a longer use cycle, don't harm fish or animals, conserve natural resources, and don't clog recycling facility machinery (oh, and did we mention that plastic bags take over 500 years to break down?). Find your local Eataly or shop online to pick up one of our stylish and durable reusable totes so that you can use it again (and again and again).

Hungry for more? Check out some of our top recipes that we're making this spring, then find the ingredients at your local Eataly or online. Happy Earth Week, amici!