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How to Fillet a Cooked Fish

How to Fillet a Cooked Fish

In Italy, a country flanked with coasts, seafood is a primary part of almost every region's diet. There is nothing like digging into a freshly-caught fish that still smells of the ocean! At Eataly, we especially love whole grilled fish: it's simple to prepare and highlights the tender flesh and fresh flavor.

On Thursday, April 13, you can bid for the best fresh seafood at a live fish auction in our markets! Bids start at incredible wholesale pricing, so start practicing your bidding today.

Check out our five-step guide to filleting a cooked fish below (chef's tip: Wait until it has cooled a little!), then get your paddle arm ready.


1. Open it up. Set the fish on a work surface or platter on its side, and, with a sharp knife, cut along the top of the fish, just to the side of the ridge where its fin was located.

2. Keep on cutting on. Make another cut from the left side of the first cut to the bottom of the fish (where the neck would be).

3. Separate the flesh. Slide the knife blade flat along the bones of the fish, under the flesh, from the first cut down to the body. Gently work the flesh free of the bone. You should then be able to lift up the tail, and the fish skeleton should easily release from the remaining fillet.

4. Off with its head! Or, you know, just cut off the head.

5. Think serving size. When working with a large fish, you may want to cut each fillet into 2 or more portions.

Pesce Fish

Pick up your whole fish at your local Eataly's fish auction on April 13! Get the details for your local store. Now that you're a filleting expert, get the recipe for a whole cooked fish!