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8 Secrets to Shopping at Eataly

8 Secrets to Shopping at Eataly

Want the inside scoop to shopping like a professionista at Eataly? Bring your experience to the next level with these tips.

At Eataly, we believe that the more you know, the more you'll appreciate and enjoy what you buy. After all, it isn't every day that you get to taste extra virgin olive oil from every region of Italy, or see fresh mozzarella being made right before your very eyes.

This Sale-a-brate, we want to help you make the most of your Eataly experience, so we asked a few of our food experts for their top shopping secrets. Read on to discover how to be a savvy Eataly shopper – and for a few insider tips that you might not know about, too!

1. Our salumi mongers will give you a slice to try before you buy.

Step up to our salumi e formaggi counter, and you might be overwhelmed by which prosciutto crudo DOP to choose from our selection (not easy, since we carry all five DOPs!). To help you along, our mongers will offer you a taste – and that's not just by chance! Since each DOP-certified salume is made according to strict regional practices and traditions and with just a few simple ingredients – air, salt, and high-quality pork – every "batch" is bound to be a little bit different than the one that came before it. That slice from our mongers lets you taste the difference between prosciutti, whether saltier, smoother, or sweeter than the last.

mozzarella made in-house at Eataly

2. Our mozzarella is made in-house – and you can get a first-row seat to see how.

Come by early in the day, and you'll see our formaggio experts in action! At Eataly, we use local cheese curds to make the freshest mozzarella possible, and we do it right in front of our guests. The fresh curd is pushed through a chitarra, a guitar-shaped instrument, to separate the solids, then brought to a warm temperature in hot salted water. The mixture is stirred and stretched by hand to ensure that it has melted evenly and no bits of curd are left in the cheese. Then watch as our cheesemongers pull and break off the cheese into perfectly formed balls, ready to be delivered to our restaurants or packaged for you to bring home.

3. You can bring your wine on a passeggiata through the Eataly mercato.

Yes, you heard that right – you can sip and shop at the same time! Order a perfect pour of vino from La Piazza, or grab a spritz from one of our Caffè Lavazza counters that transform into Italian aperitivo hubs in the evening. You'll have free reign – and a free hand – to take that glass on a little walk, or passeggiata, throughout the Eataly mercato.

4. You'll always be able to find local produce.

While we might have stores all over the country, we work with local farms to make sure that we're bringing the best fruit and vegetables of the season to each marketplace. Naturally, that means working with regional producers to get what's actually in season from the field to your kitchens. All fruits and vegetables that come from local farms will be clearly labeled, so you know exactly where your pomodori or zucche – that's squash! – are coming from.


5. You can try just about any Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It's true – if you're not sure which Extra Virgin Olive Oil to pick, we'll let you try a taste! At Eataly, we offer more than 100 extra virgin olive oils from Italy, and each one boasts its own flavor profile, from the buttery, mellow olive oils of the north to the zesty, robust flavors of the south. Since every extra virgin olive oil is different – even ones that come from the same region – you can try a taste at our mercato, talk to our experts about how best to pair them, and then shop your favorite bottle (or two).

6. Our flour is a perfect blend of Italia and America.

Our bakery is the heart of every Eataly, turning out fresh pane daily – not just for you, but for our restaurants, too! The depth of flavor comes from our natural madre lievito, or mother yeast, and the quality of our flour. Every Eataly bakery uses Mulino Marino flour made from high-quality, non-GMO Italian wheat; this historic mill has been active for over three generations, and still uses a traditional stone-milling process that grinds the grain gently to preserve texture and flavor. At Eataly USA, we also use flour grown and milled by local producers, including Wild Hive in New York's Hudson Valley and Community Grains in Los Angeles. Both farms produce flour from organic, sustainably grown grains and according to traditional methods. That means the bread you're enjoying is the result of true agricultural teamwork – and just about the best-quality grain you can find in both Italia and America.

7. That aceto balsamico tradizionale DOP you're drizzling is centuries old.

Balsamic vinegar is native to Modena, a city and comune in Emilia-Romagna, and dates back to Medieval times – the first historical reference was in 1046! To be IGP or DOP certified, this vinegar is made by slowly boiling the must (the juice, skin, seeds, and stems) from the highest quality Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, then aging the remaining reduction. When it comes to the prized aceto balsamic tradizionale DOP, this liquid is matured for a minimum of twelve years in a series of wood casks from large to small. So how old is that final, concentrated product? These certified producers have been making aceto balsamico tradizionale for so long and through the same multi-cask process, it's hard to say – at least twelve years, but it might even be older than you are!

Spaghetti al Pomodoro

8. You can shop what we serve in our restaurants to recreate your favorite dishes at home.

If you've ever tried lo spaghetto al pomodoro in one of our restaurants, or maybe a simple, satisfying tagliata di manzo, you can always come back to enjoy your favorite meal again – and you can even shop the ingredients to make it yourself. Yes, you read that correctly: we want you to recreate your favorite Eataly dishes at home! At Eataly, you can eat what you shop and shop what you eat. In fact, our very own chefs source their ingredients directly from our marketplace. So, choose your favorite dish, make note of the ingredients on the menu, and shop your local Eataly to bring a taste of Italia to your own cucina.

Got a question? If you don't know the perfect Extra Virgin Olive Oil to choose, or why pasta di Gragnano will make a big difference in your dinner, ask an Eataly Storyteller at your local Eataly and make use of our tips when you shop hundreds of products on sale this Sale-a-bration!