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How to Build an Antipasto Platter

How to Build an Antipasto Platter

The antipasto platter is the answer to every host's prayers. Sweet yet salty, elegant but easy, the platter promises to satisfy all tastes and improve any occasion. From small gatherings to large events (to even desk lunch), this antipasto will win it all.

Learn how to build a basic antipasto platter, then sit back and enjoy!

1. Salumi. Choose two or three varieties of thinly-sliced cured meats, such as mortadella, sopressata, or prosciutto by quality producers such as Negroni. Plan for about 2 ounces per person – except when serving prosciutto, of which, from our experience, people will consume as much as you put out. You’ve been warned.

2. Formaggi. Choose one or two soft cheeses, such as pecorino or mozzarella, and aged cheeses, such as Parmigiano Reggiano or provolone by Auricchio, planning again for 2 to 3 ounces per person. Set out the cheeses with knives, and cut a few pieces to give an indication of how to prepare them to your guests.

3. Garnish. On a separate plate, drizzle honey, figs, and other sweet spreads to accompany the salumi and formaggi.

4. Frutte e verdure. Add a few preserved vegetables, such as olives, semi-dried tomatoes, or eggplant, in ramekins. Or, if a sweeter taste is desired, include a selection of fruits, such as grapes, oranges, or pears.

5. Pane. Slice a loaf of bread thinly; include breadsticks, if desired.

6. Design. Arrange the platter. We prefer to use a wooden board, so guests can cut and scrape as needed; however, a large plate will also be lovely. Depending on the occasion, the platter can be as simple and elegant as one meat, one fruit, and one cheese, or you could be as plentiful and complex as the platter below.

7. Relax (but refresh)! Provisions prepared, it's time to sit back and relax. We like to keep reserves on hand, in case our friends and family are especially hungry; a simple platter refresh takes only a moment.

8. Mangia! Our favorite part of building an antipasto platter is eating the antipasto platter! Lead by example: create different bites of the meats, cheeses, and beyond.

Want to see how our cheesemongers prepare them? Order ready-made platters at your local Eataly!

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