TRUFFLE WEEK! - This Thanksgiving, bring home an Italian truffle with special offers, all week long. Get the details!
Stories and recipes from the world of high-quality food and drink
  • How to Set a Festive Table

    Get simple, fun tips on how to eat, drink, and be merry around the most festive table with our guide.
  • Holiday Gift Guide

    Discover the Italian tradition of giving quality food as a present during the holidays, then explore 10 of our favorite gift ideas. Bring home an Italian (truffle! wine! panettone!) this holiday season.
  • How to Brew Your Own Beer

    At Eataly, our goal is to further promote a genuine understanding of high-quality food and drink – and that includes beer!  Continue reading

  • Pumpkin: from Stem to Seed

    As we carve into jack-o'-lantern season, discover a dozen ways to use the whole pumpkin! (Word to the wise: there will be no pumpkin spice. After all, we are still Italians.)
  • How to Truffle

    We are in the heart of truffle season, which means one thing: it's time to step up your tuber game. Discover how to incorporate the culinary gold into your life with our guide, then taste it for yourself at Eataly!
  • 10 Reasons to Love Cider

    Discover why we love cider, the flavorful fermented drink made from apples and often called "the wine of America." Then, get some at your local Eataly! Come for the cider...stay for the food.
  • 7 Reasons to Toast at Eataly

    This fall, we’re dedicating Eataly to wine (and beer and cider and spirits, of course). We've rounded up seven of our favorite fall things that give us an excuse to keep celebrating. Bottoms up!

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