Vino Libero

Vino Libero

"No poem was ever written by a drinker of water," according to Horace, the great poet and satirist of Ancient Rome.

In Italy, winemaking can be traced back thousands and thousands of years, before Ancient Rome was a twinkle in Romulus and Remus’ eyes. Of course, production has changed over the millennia; today, many Italian winemakers value a balance of tradition and technology to create the iconic blends revered across the world. Occasionally, this translates into the introduction of chemicals and pesticides that allow for fast production at the cost of quality.

Enter: Vino Libero, a wine consortium that only produces wine that is “free” of chemical fertilizers and herbicides and with minimal amounts of added sulfites (free from at least 40% below the legal limit). Created by Eataly's own founder Oscar Farinetti, the consortium is comprised of 12 producers from the most prestigious Italian wine regions. All share the same purpose.

“We would like an Italy with healthy, smart agriculture,” reads the Vino Libero manifesto. “We would like more simplicity, more respect for history and traditions. We would like to communicate three or four brief and unique things that set our country apart from the rest of the world.”

All of the associated wineries are committed to applying dynamic modern farming practices that are sustainable both economically and environmentally. The resulting wine is free from all of the negative elements that can interfere with the quality of wine – and not only – with regard to the quality of life.

We can toast to that.


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