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16 Top Producers over 10 Years

16 Top Producers over 10 Years

This month, Eataly celebrates our 10th anniversary in the U.S.! Eataly opened its doors on August 31, 2010 in the Flatiron district of New York. As we look back on 10 years stateside, our team picked out some of our favorite food stories, regional artisans, and must-try products over ten years of Eataly in the U.S. Bring them home with you for a true taste of Eataly!


Rigorosa takes its name from the direct translation of the word "rigorous" – a quality Rigorsa values through and through. The production follows strict guidelines of traditional Pasta di Gragnano IGP, or pasta made exclusively in Gragnano, the birthplace of dried pasta. The selection process for the semolina is equally rigorous (see what we did there?) – the water comes only from Gragnano, the pasta is extruded from bronze dies that create a rough and porous surface for sauce to cling to, and the drying phase takes place in low-temperature cells to preserve the flavor and nutrients in the pasta.


Tomato and Basil Sauce from Lidia Bastianich is especially tasty and healthy, made with the high-quality Italian tomatoes and fresh summer basil. The sauce is lightly seasoned with sea salt and garlic. Let's just say that if you're looking for a staple tomato sauce for your pantry when you make any type of pasta dish or pizza, this is it.

Balsamic Vinegar Villa Manodori


This artisan balsamic vinegar is made in limited quantities from Trebbiano grapes must and is aged in a series of oak, chestnut and juniper barrels for nine years. Chef Massimo Bottura follows the same traditional methods of production and careful aging that have been used for centuries by Modenese families. Perfectly balanced with a rich, sweet and tart balsamic flavor and a thick, syrupy consistency – this is one aceto balsamico di Modena you won't want to miss.


For nearly two hundred years, the Bruzzone and Ferrari families of Il Pesto di Pra' have been passionately devoted to cultivating il basilico di Pra', also known as Genovese basil, since 1827. This unique species of basil is native to the coast of Liguria and is considered the best basil for making traditional Genovese pesto. What makes these little leaves so special? The answer is terroir. Grown exclusively in a town called Pra', located a few miles west of Genova, the air, soil, and water of this microclimate all have an important effect on the flavor and properties of the basil: medium to small curved green leaves with a delicate and intense flavor that’s incredibly different from other basil species. When it comes to this pesto, you can taste the difference.

roi olive oil


Over 100 years and four generations later, the Boeri family continues to use the same traditional stone press for Roi’s extra virgin olive oil, pesto, and beyond, offering a true taste of Liguria. The family's story began in 1890, when Giuseppe Boeri rented a communal olive oil mill in Badalucco in the Argentina Valley of Liguria to process local Taggiasca olives using the traditional stone press. After years of work, he was able to finally purchase the mill himself, and today, Franco Boeri and his son Paolo continue the tradition in the same family mill with that same stone press. Roi's Taggiasca olive groves are on traditionally narrow terraces, about 1,150 feet above sea level, where the olive trees enjoy a mild climate surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs, chestnut trees, and wild herbs. Thanks to the sea breezes and fragrant herbs, the air in Badalucco is wonderfully aromatic, and results in exquisite terroir that you can taste in every drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


At Eatay, we carry long lingue di suocera crackers and breadsticks from Mario Fongo, which always make a tasty, crunchy addition to any antipasto board. The love story between the Fongo family and bread was born in 1945 with the first oven opened in Rocchetta Tanaro, close to Asti, in Piemonte. Made with high-quality flour, their crackers capture the best of Italian tradition and innovation.

Caffè Vergnano on sale at Eataly


Caffè Vergnano is the only coffee company that roasts every single coffee origin separately, since each origin requires different temperatures and timing for optimal roasting. The company's premium blends are mixed after roasting and are 100% made in Italy. Lingering, golden crema on top, the Cremoso blend comes with a clean aroma of oriental spices, vanilla and black pepper. Not to worry if you have yet to master the art of the moka pot – this single serving espresso capsule brings practicality and innovation to Caffè Vergnano's line of products. The capsules guarantee a perfect espresso, with a dense and lasting crema, for a creamy coffee with a rich aroma and flavor.


The Mulino Marino mill is located in the small village of Cossano Belbo in Piemonte. This ancient mill has been run by the Marino family since the 1950s, and they have passed down their expertise in natural stone-ground flour for seven generations. We might be a little biased here – after all, Fulvio Marino is Eataly's head baker – but that's because the flour from Mulino Marino is truly best in class for a couple of reasons. First, all Mulino Marino flours are organic, and their heirloom varieties of corn and wheat are packed with flavor and nutrients. Second, the process of stone grinding actually preserves the nutritional value and flavors of the grain itself. In fact, we use Mulino Marino flour in our own bakery – that's how much we like it!

venchi chocolate bar hazelnut


In early 1878, artisanal chocolatier Silvano Venchi opened his own chocolate shop in his hometown of Torino. The legend goes that he started with just two bronze cooking pots and a passion for chocolate, and the creative notion to combine regional recipes and the finest natural ingredients to create his confections. Break off one of their tall, rich bars of chocolate studded with Piemontese hazelnuts – a winning combination to this day.


Olympia Provisions, a family-owned and operated business, handcrafts their salami using old-world techniques and the highest quality ingredients. In other words, their salumi-making process honors that of Italian artisans, with a "slow" approach that sets them apart and results in bright yet subtle flavors. When asked why their salami is so good, owner Elias Cairo responds “because making salami is our life and life is good.” One bite of this e'd have to agree!

jasper hill harbison cheese with fig brea


At Eataly, we bring you the best of Italy – we also bring you the best of regional domestic artisans who bring the same thoughtful, traditional approach to their craft. Jasper Hill a working dairy farm and creamery located in the dreamy North East Kingdom of Vermont, produces their award-winning cheeses with the utmost respect for the land on which they reside. Their approach is full circle, feeding the leftover whey from the cheesemaking process to heritage breed pigs that roam the nearby pasture. From Alpha Tolman to cave-aged Clothbound Cheddar to Bayley Hazen Blue, their range is wide as it is delicious, all with a common “taste of place.”


Mirafiore was founded in 1858 by Emanuele Mirafiore, son of Italy's King Vittorio Emanuele II. With its range of unique wines, highly distinctive in origin, character and personality, by the end of the century Mirafiore had become an epoch-making model for Italian winemaking. This traditional winery focuses on preserving the history of Piemontese winemaking, and consistently offers great wines. It excels in premium single-vineyard Barolo wines; however, their Barbera, Dolcetto, and Langhe Nebbiolo are known for hitting above their weight-class and are exceptional value.

Saletember wine Borgogno 2020


The name Borgogno is connected to one of the oldest wine cellars in Piemonte: founded in 1761 by Bartolomeo Borgogno, the winery has since been crafting traditional wines for generations. Each bottle of wine – white or red – embodies the history and culture of Piemontese winemaking. The Borgogno Barolo, in particular, is a benchmark wine year in and year out, and makes the ideal centerpiece for any classic Italian culinary celebration.


This old-standing Maremma winery is located in Magliano in Toscana – an almost uncontaminated area in southern Toscana – and produces pure Sangiovese wines that are expressive of the area. But La Mozza also pushes the envelope with other reds such as Aragone, made from a blend of Mediterranean grapes like Syrah, Alicante, and Carignano along with Sangiovese.

le vigne di zamo at eataly


This winery is of the leading properties of Friulian wines, and specifically Pinot Grigio Ramato, a classic example of the proverbial orange wine category.  It strikes a balance between fresh fruit white wine flavors and takes on a bit of texture from the skin contact during maceration. Overall, it's a great stepping stone in the peculiarities of Italian white wines.


Producing a variety of wines, this winery is led by the visionary and eclectic Francesco Serafini, who is a human reminder that winemaking and an eccentric (and endlessly optimistic) personality are not mutually exclusive. Serafini's wines are regionally expressive of the Veneto region, and run the gamut from Prosecco to Amarone della Valpolicella.

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