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Top 10 Iconic Products

Top 10 Iconic Products

This month, Eataly is celebrating our 12th anniversary in the world! To thank you for the 12 years of support, we've rounded up the top products that have been with us since day one (January 27, 2007). Bring them home with you for a true taste of Eataly!

Check out Eataly's top 10 most iconic products!


Pane Rustico

Every day, our bakers hand-shape the dough with stone-ground flour and our time-honored mother yeast. Each rustic loaf is perfectly crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Why you need this: Freshly-baked bread tastes great with anything, anytime, anywhere.



In our market, we sell the same mozzarella that our chefs serve in the restaurants. Resident mozzarella artisans make the fresh cheese with local curd every morning.

Why you need this: Light and flavorful, mozzarella is delicious chilled in a caprese, melted over pasta and pizza, and — perhaps best of all — on its own.


Agnolotti del Plin

This stuffed pasta comes directly from northern Piemonte, home to the first Eataly. Every day in our market, resident pasta artisans fill fresh egg dough with rich veal, then “pinch” each shape closed.

Why you need this: Agnolotti cook quickly and pair perfectly with a simple butter sauce, giving you a flavorful meal in minutes.


San Marzano Tomatoes

These sun-ripened tomatoes are grown in the rich volcanic soil of Mt. Vesuvio. With sweet flavor and low acidity, these tomatoes are among the most sought-after in the world.

Why you need this: Each taste will transport you to southern Italy, whether in a sauce, pasta, or alone.


Afeltra Bucatini

Afeltra has crafted its celebrated pasta since 1848; they know what they’re doing. Following tradition, each shape is bronze extruded and dried at controlled temperatures.

Why you need this: The long, hollow strands of bucatini are perfectly al dente, easily picking up any sauce.

Olio ExtraVergine d'oliva ROI

Olio di Roi

Since 1890, Roi has made extra virgin olive oil using a traditional stone press. Each taste will transport you to coastal Liguria in northern Italy.

Why you need this: Can you think of a dish that doesn’t benefit from a drizzle of olive oil? We couldn’t.



From the northern Alps to the southern islands, Italy’s biodiversity creates a wealth of wine. Every wine has its own “taste of place,” opening the door to Italy with each sip.

Why you need this: Life is too short not to drink well. Period.



Caffarel’s famous boat-shape chocolates remind us of the confectionery's 190-year-old history in Torino. Their secret? All hazelnuts are certified IGP from Piemonte, the finest variety.

Why you need this: Creamy chocolate and delicate hazelnuts meet to create a rich, velvety treat. Need we go on?


Prosciutto di Parma

Over centuries, the art of prosciutto has been perfected in Parma, a town in northern Italy. Each impossibly thin slice of cured pork packs an abundance of salty and satisfying flavor.

Why you need this: Excellent on its own, Prosciutto di Parma pairs with bread, melon, mozzarella – all our iconic products!



Our gelato is made every day using fresh local milk and high-quality ingredients. This does not belong in a freezer: enjoy the creamy frozen treat in the moment.

Why you need this: In Italy, gelato is appropriate in any season and at any time of day.


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