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Taste White Moustache

Taste White Moustache

Smooth, creamy, and delicious, White Moustache's small-batch yogurt offers a taste of old-world tradition with each spoonful. At Eataly, we love their creations so much that we devoted an entire parfait bar at L.A.'s Caffè Lavazza to the decadent sweet and savory varieties. And once you discover the story behind the company, the yogurt will taste even richer.

White Moustache was founded by Homa Dashtaki and her dad, Gohstasb Dashtaki (the actual "white moustache"). Their story is one of passion, determination, and love for yogurt. The tale began in 1984, when the family came to the U.S. from Iran, settling in Orange County, California. Gohstahb continued the Persian tradition of making creamy, delicious yogurt, which he and Homa began selling in local farmers' markets as a fun father-daugher side project. After encountering some red tape in California, they moved their production to Brooklyn, New York, where it thrives.

Today, White Moustache is enjoyed across the world. Homa and her dad continue to make traditional Persian yogurt by hand in small batches.

"We incubate each batch using old-world techniques, the way my grandmother and her grandmother (and probably your grandmother) used to do it," Homa explained on her website. "Then, we strain it slowly using good old-fashioned elbow grease and gravity in order to get a consistent thick texture. The devil is in the details, the pleasure is in the pain."

Eataly chose White Moustache for our parfait bar to give you the real flavors of handmade yogurt. Come get a taste at Caffè Lavazza at Eataly L.A.!

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