The Legend of Loacker's Rose of the Dolomites

The Legend of Loacker's Rose of the Dolomites

Considered the “crown jewel” of the Loacker’s chocolatiers, Rose of the Dolomites are luscious pralines inspired by one of the most well-known legends of the Dolomite mountains. Discover the tale behind their name below!

The story goes that King Laurin was a ruler in the Dolomite mountains who had a beautiful garden full of blossoming roses. The king loved his garden so much that carefully watched it day and night and ordered anyone who might attempt to pick a rose from his garden without permission to be punished severely.

In another part of the Alpine mountains lived Similde, the beautiful daughter of the King on the River Etsch. One day her father decided to host a party and invite all the nobleman from the surrounding area to attend, in hopes that one of them might marry Similde. However, the King on the River failed to invite King Laurin.

Upon hearing that he had not been invited to attend this festive occasion, King Laurin decided to devise a plan to sneak his way in. He cleverly decided to wear his magical invisibility cloak so that we could go to the party without being noticed. When he first set sight on the beautiful Similde, he instantly fell in love. Laurin was so deeply enamored by the princess that he decided to kidnap the princess and gallop back to his castle with her on his horse. He took her through his beautiful rose garden, where he thought they would never be found.

As soon as Similde’s father discovered she was missing, he sent his knights out to rescue her. The knights could see the roses swaying with King Laurin and Similde’s movement and were soon able to capture them.

Of course, King Laurin was angry and frustrated. He turned around and laid a curse on his very own rose garden which he believed had betrayed him: “Neither by day nor by night should anyone again glimpse this lovely sight.” Despite his intended curse, Laurin had forgotten the time between day and night: twilight. And so, legend has it that the pink glow of his rose garden can still be seen just as the sun is rising and setting.

Today Loacker continues to keep the magical fantasy alive with their chocolate pralines. Named after the Alpine Roses of King Laurin, these treats boast a luscious hazelnut cream, crispy roasted hazelnuts, and rich chocolate that is as irresistible as Princess Similde was to the king.


Want to get a taste of the Alpine legend? Find your local Eataly discover Loacker’s Rose of the Dolomites pralines. Who knows? Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the King’s glowing rose garden!