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Breaking Bread in Roma

Breaking Bread in Roma

Built on la cucina povera, the humble cooking of peasants, Roman cuisine still emphasizes simple and affordable ingredients. And what could be more so than bread?

Many of the most ingenious products that we seek out today were invented out of necessity centuries ago. Prosciutto was first seasoned and cured to make meat last through the long, cold winters. Biscotti? These iconic cookies were "twice cooked" because they would last longer, not (just) because Tuscans loved the crunch.

The same goes for two of our favorite Roman breads, smilza and treccia.


Flatbread sandwiching mortadella

Smilza, pictured above, is our take on Pizza con la Mortazza, one of the oldest and most famous Roman street foods. The snack was first invented by a baker testing the oven's heat by baking a small piece of dough. Crisp yet fluffy, the resulting "pizza" paired perfectly with the affordable cured meat mortadella, called mortazza in Roman dialect. The trend spread, and here we are.

At Eataly, our own bakers renamed the snack smilza, which means "skinny" in Italian, for two reasons: because it's thinner than our usual pizza, and because our bakers have a sense of humor with this hearty snack.

Like most classics, smilza remains simple but genius: airy flatbread filled with thin slices of mortadella. Eat it on the go for a real Roman lunch break. Then, come back for more.


Braided Breadsticks

Found in nearly every corner bakery in Roma, treccia is named for its “braided” shape. Pictured below, the twisted pane is a tasty cross between bread and breadsticks. Studded with savory fillings, like olives or tomatoes, it’s crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Enjoy a few treccia with a glass of wine to transport yourself to aperitivo in Roma. If you can't find your local piazza, we have a few that you can borrow.

Break bread as the Romans do!

eataly-when-in-roma-treccia-wine-webStop by the bakery at your local Eataly for more regional Italian breads!