Eataly’s Founder Wins Award

Eataly’s Founder Wins Award

On October 2, 2015, Eataly’s own Oscar Farinetti received the Made in Italy Award for Best Businessman. Every year, the Made in Italy Awards recognize the most notable Italian personalities, artists, and companies that have made the most significant contribution to Italy’s influence and prestige in the Unites States. In addition to highlighting the best of Italy, the winners educate the American market on the culture of il bel paese.

As the founder and creator of Eataly, Oscar has dedicated his life to sharing Italy's rich cultural heritage with the U.S. and beyond. As a young businessman in 1978, he got his start at UniEuro, a small appliance and food retail store that he transformed into one of the largest electronics retailers in Italy, opening 150 stores from 1978 to 2003. But in 2003, Oscar sold UniEuro to dedicate himself to Eataly.

Creating Eataly, Oscar’s aim was to make high-quality Italian food and drink available to everyone at fair prices in an environment where people can eat, shop, and learn (read: our manifesto). Working with Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini, he spent the next four years forging partnerships with the best small-scale farmers, bakers, and artisanal producers across Italy; n January 2007, he finally opened the first Eataly, a 30,000-square-foot store in Torino, Italy. The first store set the precedent for all Eatalys to come: it joined elements of Europe's lively open markets with restaurants and a learning center. After opening numerous Eataly locations across Italy and then Japan, he brought the concept to the U.S. with the opening of Eataly NYC Flatiron in 2010, followed by Eataly Chicago in 2013 and Eataly NYC Downtown in 2016.

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In the years since, Eataly has been dedicated to introducing the U.S. to the whole of Italy’s cultural heritage – food, drink, and beyond. Among our many festivals and events and special menus, we have hosted an elegant midnight concert with a world-famous orchestra (New York), transformed our restaurants into indoor bocce courts (Chicago), and, of course, served the highest quality regional Italian food and drink every day (dappertutto – every Eataly!).

“With Eataly, we want to give not only exquisite, authentic Italian cuisine to America but all of the incredible art and culture that Italy has to offer,” explained Oscar. “Here, guests can immerse themselves in tutte le belle cose italiane – all of the beautiful Italian things.”

The Made in Italy Awards ceremony will take place in New York, where the 2016 edition will also be announced. Click here to view the full list of winners.

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Congratulazioni, Oscar!