Eataly CEO Recognized by Fast Company

Eataly CEO Recognized by Fast Company

Fast Company has invited Eataly CEO Nicola Farinetti to join the Most Creative People in Business 1000, an exclusive community of influencers from across the economy and around the globe. Nicola was “selected for [his] vision and fearlessness in today's quickly shifting business landscape,” according to Fast Company journalist Sarah Lawson.

At Eataly, this does not surprise us. Thanks to our leader, our team has the creative space to act beyond our genre. Think of La Bellezza Eataliana, when we welcomed famed Maestro Gianandrea Noseda – and his world-class orchestra – for a late-night performance in our market, surrounded by the best food and drink. We rejoiced in the flash mob with the Lyric Opera at Eataly Chicago. Most recently, Eataly even brought pieces from the actual Duomo di Milano to New York for an exclusive exhibition in our store.

"To me, this isn’t a market or a restaurant, but something else altogether, which gives me much more room to do crazy things," Nicola told Fast Company in February 2015, when the business magazine named us one of the most innovative companies of the year. “Because this is Eataly, I can do all this stupid stuff, and people understand it."

bellezza eataliana piazza

As the son of our founder, Oscar Farinetti, Nicola comes by his creativity in business honestly. Born in Alba, Italy, in 1984, he grew up working with his father and brothers at UniEuro, which Oscar grew into Italy's largest consumer electronics company. While attending college in Torino, Nicola studied political science, and soon after graduating, discovered his passion for the food industry while spending time working as a waiter.

With Nicola and his brothers’ desire to create a place that housed the best regional ingredients of Italy and their father’s inspiration from the bazaars of Istanbul, the concept of Eataly was born. Oscar sold UniEuro in 2003 to focus full-time on the Eataly concept, which successfully joins the elements of a lively European open market with an educational center in celebration of Italian food and culture.

In 2007, Oscar founded the first Eataly in Torino, followed closely by additional locations in Italy, Japan, and then the United States. Nicola helped bring the now largest Italian marketplace in the world to the U.S., starting with NYC Flatiron in 2010, Chicago in 2013, and NYC Downtown and Boston in 2016. Today, there are more than 35 locations across the world, with more on the way.

Eataly New York exterior

Congratulazioni, Nicola!