Nel Blu

Nel Blu

La bellezza salverà il mondo!” Beauty will save the world.

So begins Nel Blu, Oscar Farinetti’s new book that hit the shelves this summer. As the founder of Eataly, Farinetti has dedicated his life to sharing the wealth of Italian food, wine, and culture with the world. This passion is evident in his book, which is, above all, about Italy's heritage of beauty.

This beauty stems from the country's unique biodiversity, or the vast local varieties of plant and animal organisms, which in turn is fanned by the winds that blow from the seas and blend with the breezes of the mountains and hills.

Farinetti notes that the aromatic Prosciutto di San Daniele would not taste the same without the Bora, a northern katabatic wind that is shattered by the Dolomites; it is no coincidence that the traditional Gragnano pasta is dried on the hill where the breeze of Castellammare meets the fresh air off Mount Vesuvio.

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Region by region, story by story, product by product – Nel Blu: Italian Biodiversity, Daughter of the Wind introduces the reader to the many shades of biodiversity. The book is seasoned with guest essays by experts who reveal chapter after chapter in Italy’s heritage, from Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini’s beautiful portrayal of landscape to celebrated author Alessandro Baricco’s depiction of Italians and their differing lifestyles from north to south.

“We carry this amazing destiny with us,” Baricco writes, “this being a single nation with countless ways of living, being, and appearing.”

Farinetti suggests that Italian culture – the different foods, wines, dialects, and even the ways of celebrating the same holiday – can be traced back to the natural biodiversity and the wild wind.

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