Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Have you ever brushed your teeth with licorice? Used honey as a hair mask? Does your soap transport you to the Tuscan countryside?

At Eataly, our commitment to providing high-quality products goes beyond just what you eat and drink. We believe that what you put on the outside of your body is just as important. And, just as we do not recommend consuming overly-processed foods composed of too many ingredients we cannot pronounce, Eataly supports using fresh, whole beauty products composed simply of those same fresh, whole foods that we love!

Since beauty and food go hand in hand, we have assembled a selection of Italian products crafted with the most wholesome ingredients available. From Sicilian almond shampoo to Piemontese red-celery conditioner, our regional beauty products are inspired by the healing nutrients found in high-quality food and drink, such as olive oil, apples, milk, and more.

Explore Eataly’s beauty sections at your local market or online! Discover how the same ingredients that you love to eat and drink can make you beautiful on the outside


What tastes good is good for you – from the inside and out!