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Meet Sophia Ferello

Meet Sophia Ferello

Eataly Magazine is pleased to introduce you to Sophia Ferrello, who completed a rotational culinary externship at Eataly Boston. During her 4-month experience, extern Sophia Ferello from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island was able to spend weeks alternating between the various lines in Eataly’s restaurant kitchens as well as work and learn about our artisan stations. We recently sat down with Sophia to chat about her experience and all things Eataly!

When did you first hear about Eataly?

I came here with a friend last year and walked through the store and thought it was amazing. During my last week of classes, Eataly was on campus and I met Eataly Boston’s HR Business Partner and expressed my interest in doing my externship there!

Tell us about your externship so far.

I have learned so much from switching between all of the stations here at Eataly –  I never shucked an oyster before working here, and now I’ve shucked at least three hundred! I’ve also made mozzarella cheese completely by hand, baked bread, made fresh pasta from scratch and butchered fish & meat.

I really love pasta, and enjoyed making it – I think a lot of people get scared to make something from scratch, but once you try it, it’s actually very doable – I especially enjoyed making little nests of long pasta like tagliolini!

What are some of your favorite technical skills that you’ve learned at Eataly so far?

Cleaning a fresh mackerel – from getting handed a whole fish and not knowing where to start, to when you finally get the hang of the process, there’s a rhythm to the preparation that applies to almost every fish.

What’s been your proudest moment during your externship thus far?

Making mozzarella – specifically the bocconcini. There’s a special way you need to pinch each mozzarella ball to make them perfectly. My first one didn’t come out so good, but by the time I did my second pinch, the woman that was teaching me said it was the best she’d ever seen!

How has working at Eataly challenged you, in any way, if any?

Switching every week and getting to meet new people and adjusting to new environments was definitely a challenge, but also really good for my technical and professional growth. My knife skills and sense of urgency were constantly challenged and improved throughout my time there. The people at every station, and especially in meat and fish, were really nice about teaching me and offering advice, including my own career goals! I was able to make a connection to the catering manager at Eataly Boston because of that.

How has your manager impacted your externship through this point?

Chef Courtney has given me a lot of advice. For instance: if you work clean, you work efficiently, work compactly, you'll be successful. And, always taste the pasta water – it’s important!

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned over the course of your experience with Eataly?

I love how much Eataly is based on education – making bread and pasta isn’t so hard after all! You can do it, too, and it can be really delicious! I enjoyed learning about where products are coming from and how to work with them, and I am glad to be able to now pass that information on to others.

Grazie mille, Sophia! If you want to learn more about Eataly’s culinary externships, please contact: