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Meet Our Bakery Externs: Jacob Rosen & Isabella Oliveto

Meet Our Bakery Externs: Jacob Rosen & Isabella Oliveto

Eataly has formalized a bakery externship program which piloted at our Eataly Financial District location this year. We are bringing in passionate culinary students to learn the art of bread baking not only to fulfill their academic requisites, but also to fill their appetites for becoming an artisan at Eataly!

In Italy, making, baking, and breaking bread is an ancient art. Each region – indeed, almost every town and village – boasts its own traditional recipe based on the local ingredients. Whether in northern Piemonte or southern Sicilia, the key to the perfect loaf is using the highest quality ingredients: stone-ground flour and natural yeast.

At Eataly, our bakers combine organic, stone-ground flour from local producers and Mulino Marino in Italy, and our 35-year-old lievito madre (mother yeast) from Monticello d’Alba (a village near our flagship store of Torino) to bake our fresh loaves in a wood-burning oven.

Over the course of their 4-month bakery externship with Eataly, externs Isabella and Jacob worked alongside bakery manager, Kevin Keating, and team to build up their foundation of bread baking skills, from shaping loaves of bread to making our special Roman-style pizza alla pala.

When asked about his proudest moment, extern Jacob Rosen told us that it was “keeping the pizza table full and beautiful during one of the busiest times of the year!” The Pizza alla Pala counter offers a delicious selection from the classic margherita to tricolore.

The externship also offers students the opportunity to work at one of Eataly’s other artisan counters during their experiences, such as the Salumi and Formaggi counter, the meat and fish counter, and the fresh mozzarella counter. In doing so, the program hopes to offer exposure to other special culinary facets of Eataly’s operation and provide a rounded experience for the participating students.

When asked about the skills and lessons learned during the experience, extern Isabella Oliveto from the Culinary Institute of America told us, “I have gained skills in becoming faster as I work, as well as picking up new ideas and facts about bread and the industry as a whole that I wouldn't be able to learn at my culinary school.”

If you are interested in learning more about Eataly’s Bakery Externship program, please contact: