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Meet Firriato

Meet Firriato

Terroir, identity, quality — Firriato is pure Sicilian.

Founded in 1984, the winery now tends estates across the southern Italian island region, from seas to mountains to hills. Their secret to success? The family remains dedicated to the care of the land, a philosophy that is reflected in the strong identity of each wine.

We'll cheers to that! But first, let's explore the story and tradition of Firriato.


Firriato was created by Salvatore Di Gaetano and Vinzia Novara Di Gaetano. Passionate about Sicilian wine, the husband-and-wife duo decided to start making their own by pairing ancient regional traditions with innovative cutting-edge technology. They then shared the high-quality bottles with the world, promoting the elegance and complexity of vini siciliani by focusing on their cultural value and, above all, the land.

So, the winery's etymology may not surprise you. "Firriato" comes from an ancient word in the rural villages of western Sicilia. Meaning "close," it described the vineyard's most protected area, near the main house. For the Di Gaetano couple, Firriato reminds them of the vine culture's ancient roots in Sicilia.

Today, their daughter and son-in-law, Irene and Federico, have joined the family business. The next generation shares the core philosophy of Firriato.

The Di Gaetano family (1) sicilia firriato


To offer the most true taste of Sicilia, Firriato restored complex lands across the islands. This is no small feat, considering the range of soil and indigenous grapes across the varied region. But today, the winery comprises six estates in Sicilia: mountains (the volcano Etna), sea (island of Favignana), and hills (Trapani countryside).

The Firriato mission is to share these authentic terroirs, so the team practices certified organic agriculture — in fact, it is the first winery to have its entire production certified. This saves the natural beauty of the estates, while simultaneously preserving the deep, unique flavors of the land transmitted through the grapes before being bottled and offered to the public.

Grapes transport sicilia firriato winery


In the cellar of Firriato, innovation enhances nature.

Unusually, the wine-making operations are not standardized: the experts follow their own instincts and interpretations, always tasting and checking to reveal each year's unique ripening and characteristics of the grapes. That said, each stage of vinification is carried out with precision and care, following years of research and study and using the state-of-the-art facilities that control temperature and humidity. The wines age in French and American oak barrels.

French and American barrels sicilia firriato


Elegant and complex, the resulting wines are loved by international wine critics and customers alike. Each bottle offers a unique taste of place. A white Zibbibo from the Trapani estate, such as Jasmin, offers floral, fruity notes that transport you to the Sicilian countryside; a red Nerello, such as Le Sabbie dell'Etna, yields mineral yet juicy notes that evoke the southern volcano.

In other words: Firriato's mission to share authentic terroirs is a success.

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