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Meet Canevel Italian Prosecco

Meet Canevel Italian Prosecco

Tucked into the hills of Valdobbiadene, Canevel winery has been producing some of Italy's finest Prosecco for over 40 years. Step into their vineyard and get to know this Veneto winery!


Founded in 1979 in Valdobbiadene, in the northern region of Veneto, Canevel is dedicated to producing excellent Italian sparkling wines within its 26 hectares of land. Its name, which means “little wine cellar” in local dialect, represents Canevel’s passion for carefully curating and preserving a selection of the best wines within its small, yet prestigious cantina.

The Valdobbiadene area is widely considered to be the home of the finest quality Prosecco, Veneto's trademark sparkling wine. The territory is located in the rolling hills of the Veneto region, nestled between the Adriatic Sea and the Dolomite mountains, and offers a mineral-rich, loamy soil for an ideal terroir. It is amongst these rolling hills (a UNESCO heritage site, in fact!) that Canevel's founders set down roots to carry on the local tradition of Prosecco production.

Canevel winery Valdobbiadene


From the start, the Caramel family aimed to produce a sparkling wine of excellence that would bring the key qualities of the Glera grape to the forefront. As a result, they decided to exclusively cultivate Glera grapes, selecting only the best yield by hand to produce their spumanti.

Following the autumn harvest, the winery uses the Charmat method to achieve the wine's silky, effervescent character. Developed in the late 1860s, this method – also known as the "cuvée close" – employs the use of a stainless steel vessel for a secondary fermentation, and the sparkling wine is bottled under pressure.

Canevel prosecco


And the taste? Balanced, fruit-forward, and elegant. Canevel Prosecco DOCG offers a bright, straw yellow color and fine-to-lively perlage. The vineyard produces six varieties of Prosecco DOCG, from dosaggio zero to Dry. Try a bottle of their classic Canevel Brut Prosecco DOCG, featuring a pleasing nose of golden delicious apples and a dry, soft palate. (If you're new to Prosecco, don't be fooled: Brut is, in fact, the drier in taste than a "Dry" variety.)

An ideal aperitivo, these wines favor fruit-forward notes of apples, tropical fruits, and peaches, with a structured and balanced palate. These qualities make Canevel Prosecco DOCG an ideal sparkling wine to start off any evening or bubbly for celebratory moments. Pair with savory antipasti, fish, grilled vegetables, or even enjoy as an after-dinner bubbly with a few pasticcini.

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