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Meet Cà dei Frati

Meet Cà dei Frati
Situated in Lombardia on the shore of Lago di Garda, family-owned Cà dei Frati winery is a leading producer of one-of-a-kind wines that capture the crisp, cool terroir of the region.


The largest lake in Italy, Lago di Garda is situated between Venezia and Milano, on the edge of the Dolomites.  The lake breezes of Lago di Garda, which descend from the mountains, cool and dry the fertile soils of surrounding vineyards, creating an optimal climate for wine production. In this ideal microclimate, Cà dei Frati has been growing and producing wines for decades.

The history of the estate dates all the way back to 1782: historic documents refer to "a house with a cellar located in Lugana di Sirmione, known as the place of the Friars." Indeed, Lombardia, and specifically the Lugana region and surrounding area, is known for producing crisp white wines with incredible verve. In 1939, winegrower Felice Dal Cero moved to this historic house in Lugana di Sirmione and immediately realized the estate's potential for cultivation. The family even took part in the creation of the DOC in 1969.

Italian vineyard


Cà dei Frati produces elegant whites like the iconic Lugana DOC, as well as rich reds like Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, on historic vineyards across tens of acres in the Lugana di Sirmione district and on the Pian di Castagnè in Valpolicella. The region's clay and limestone soil and moderate microclimates, influenced by the temperate breezes from Lago di Garda and the surrounding hills, all contribute to the wines' unique terroir.

At the Cà dei Frati wineries, the grapes of every vineyard are vinified separately in order to obtain the clearest expressions of the region's terroir. These processes take place with the utmost respect for the raw material through innovative techniques that obtain full-bodied wines with great longevity.

Italian wine grapes


As for the wines, Cà dei Frati white, rosé, and red vini are made from grape varieties typical of the region. Standout whites include I Frati and Brolettino, both Lugana DOC wines made with 100% Turbiana grapes (a native vine). With characteristic fresh flavor, hints of fruits and nuts, these crisp wine pair perfectly with medium-aged cheeses, fish, legumes, and even soups. If you're willing to be patient, I Frati finds even greater dimension as a vintage, gaining more complexity and depth of minerality as the bottle ages.

For a fresh and sippable wine, Rosa dei Frati is a simple yet surprising rosé, made from classic Italian grapes like Sangiovese and Barbera with the addition of lesser-known grapes like Groppello and the late-ripening Marzemino. With hints of acidity and red fruits, this laidback rosé pairs perfectly with cured meats, fresh vegetables, and light pasta dishes.

As for the reds, Cà dei Frati extends its reach to Verona to honor their family's origins with a bold, rich Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG. With an intense ruby color and notes of chocolate and spices, this bold red goes best with red meats and braised dishes. For those who favor the bold, the Ronchedone Rosso is a powerful expression of the hilly vineyards. Clean and savory, with hints of balsamic and jam, this wine pairs well with game, aged cheeses, red meats, and rich pasta.

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Start sipping on Cà dei Frati wines at your local Eataly wine shop! This month, visit the Cà dei Frati pop-up bars at Eataly NYC Downtown at Vino e Grano, Eataly Chicago at Bar Sabbia, and Eataly L.A. in La Piazza. Plus, explore your local store calendars for free tastings and talk to our vino experts for recommendations.